Bamboo Laundry Storage Basket

This is a storage basket combined with bamboo and fabric, simple and convenient, suitable for household storage

Product Description

Washing clothes may be a troublesome task, but if you have a suitable laundry basket, the trouble may be less.

Bamboo + fabric design, the exterior is made of bamboo frame, the inner bag is imitation linen fabric, combined with bamboo and fabric.

It is preferred for many years of moso bamboo. Due to its bamboo properties, it can effectively prevent insects and mold, and has good hardness and toughness. The bamboo texture is clear, fresh and beautiful. The frame is hollowed out and has good air permeability. Set up a convenient handle, and the handle has been polished many times, without burrs, and does not hurt your hands.

The fabric is preferably linen-like material, the fabric is thickened, strong and moisture-proof, and the fabric color is optional.The inner bag is removable for easy cleaning.

Put all the dirty clothes that you usually change into the laundry basket to prevent the room from being messy because of the dirty clothes. When you need to wash the clothes, put all the clothes in the laundry basket into the washing machine. Owning it can make the home more tidy.

When not in use for a long time, the laundry basket can be disassembled without taking up space.

Now, the lowest FOB price is as low as US$7.2, and wholesalers or retailers are welcome to inquire.

Quick Details
Product NameBamboo Laundry Storage Basket
Place of OriginShandong,China
MaterialBamboo + fabric
PackingBrown Carton
Carton Size42*62*6cm

Product Overview


Feature & Advantage

1)Reliable quality

2)Eco-friendly material

3)Higher cost performance

4)OEM&ODM orders are welcome

5)Short lead time

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